Men have been wearing underwear for past 7000 years. Underwear material has improved over the years but it’s design has been the same. Our tool and balls need support and they don’t like heat and friction with skin, but the common underwear has no solution for this issue. Women needed support, they made bras, we needed support but nothing has been done to solve it. We have never met a man who doesn’t have to adjust his undergarments after wearing it for a while, and that is because the basic underwear design is flawed.


Three of us sat together and thought of solving this design flaw in men underwear and hence came up with the idea of 2Ballz. We noticed that a common underwear has four major problems, there was no support for the tool and balls, roll up while sitting, friction and chafing in humid weather, rolling waistband. We toiled hard and came up with this unique proprietary underwear design with 2Ballz pouch which solves all the above problems while providing unmatched quality and comfort.

"Don't let them hang till death, they are just balls not criminals"